Just in time for Christmas we are again organising wine & chocolate together with Johannes Storath and his creations of Confiserie Storath from Stübig.

Secure your admission tickets in good time online or via our reception.

You can find more information at https://burgellern.de/weinundschokolade

Confiserie Storath: https://www.storath.shop/

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Once you have stood under such a mighty tree, as under the beech tree in Burgellern Castle, you will never let go.

An impressive beech (Fagus sylvatica f. purpurea) - certainly more than 300 years old - dominates the entrance area of the castle hotel.
Even the builders of the castle knew about the importance of nature. That's why you planted extraordinary trees on the castle grounds. If the beech is still dark red in spring, it turns green in autumn before its leaves fall off. A history like this creates awareness and responsibility for nature and so the owners of the castle plant new greenery for every tree felled and for every intervention in the park. Own bee colonies fertilise the flowers and old fruit varieties can be found in the park.

The effort pays off. Rare birds settle in the castle park, swallows nest on the castle walls and huge beech trees are home to birds of prey such as buzzards, tawny owls and goshawks.

Enjoy this oasis for humans and animals on your next holiday and keep your eyes and ears open.

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So far, alcohol has played the biggest role in gastronomy. Menus with wine accompaniment, beer tastings and much more. But we find that this is not a restaurant experience for the anti-alcoholic or for a car driver.
With two new suppliers and numerous new products we would like to create lasting experiences for the restaurant guest who does not want alcohol.

Manufactory Jörg Geiger

With the non-alcoholic Seccos and non-alcoholic still menu companions, we can finally offer our menus with a non-alcoholic beverage accompaniment.
The non-alcoholic Seccos are in no way inferior to a traditional sparkling wine or Secco and whet the appetite for more.

Information: https://www.manufaktur-joerg-geiger.de/

Lemonaid+ and Charitea

Lemonaid just made the headlines because the drink could not be called lemonade because the sugar content was too low.
The authorities allowed it nevertheless and so our guests can enjoy a trendy "big city limo", fair traded, regionally produced, with organic ingredients and without additives.

In addition, we also have four different types of iced tea which are sweetened only with agave syrup or honey.

Wonderfully refreshing and with every bottle sold, social projects are supported - drinking helps!

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Dear friends of Burgellern Castle!

At some point you have to say goodbye.

On 31.12.2018 we unfortunately had to say goodbye to our "good soul" in the restaurant.

After many years of work, she is now going into well-earned retirement.

Official farewell
(from left to right: Peter Jungermayr, Angi Horn, Joachim Kastner, Carola Müller)

With our retirement, a small era also ends for us. Mrs. Horn already started her late training in our hotel in Bayreuth 30 years ago and since then she has been indispensable. Happy for us that we were able to win them over again after the takeover and renovation of Burgellern Castle.

The whole Kastner family, but also all employees, associate Mrs. Horn with years of exclusively positive memories.

None of us can imagine what it will be like without her yet, but we will not lose contact and wish her all the best in her new home - Berlin.

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Take advantage of the benefits of our voucher shop on our website even during Christmas stress.
Choose a gift for your loved ones around the clock and download the voucher immediately.
In the last days before Christmas we have again great offers in our shop.
Just browse:

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Burgellern, 9.12.2018

Overwhelming success of the apprentice tombola

At this year's Christmas market at Burgellern Castle, the proceeds of a tombola organized by our trainees and the training manager Carola Müller were donated to the Sternstunden campaign.
Despite bad weather almost everyone wanted to turn our wheel of fortune and win one of the coveted prizes. Since every turn on the wheel of fortune promised a profit, all prizes were awarded after a few hours and our trainees (in the picture on the right trainee Jessica Pickel, on the left Carola Müller) could achieve a net profit of 500 euros.
Our whole team from Schloss Burgellern would like to thank all participants again and is happy that the prize will hopefully contribute to many star moments for children.

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During the Christmas season we have special opening hours for you again. Visit our restaurant for example at the Christmas market on the 2nd of Advent, or experience a great Christmas menu with your family on the Christmas holidays.

Here are the extraordinary opening hours:

Christmas Market Burgellern, Sunday 9.12 11:00 am to 21:30 pm

21.12. to 24.12. closed

25.12., 1st Christmas Day, 12:00 o'clock to 21:30 o'clock
26.12., 2.Christmas Day, 12:00 o'clock to 21:30 o'clock
Enjoy our exclusive Christmas menu with your family on Christmas days.

30.12. Closed event
31.12. Big New Year's Eve Ball

From 1 January 2019 as well as on all not mentioned days our restaurant is open again as usual from 18:00 o'clock.

Due to the limited number of seats on the terrace and in the restaurant, we always ask you to book in advance by telephone or in writing.

We are happy to accept your table reservation under 09542 / 555 999 0.
Online you can here reserve. >>

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A conference without a flipchart is inconceivable. But especially when presenting or revising screen contents or apps, you quickly reach your limits. As a digital flipchart, the Samsung Flip offers plenty of room for creativity, flexibility and cooperation - and is superior to analog flipcharts in many respects:

  • No need to photograph the contents anymore
  • Digital storage and further processing of content possible
  • Easy recovery of deleted content
  • Parallel presentation, creation and editing of screenshots
  • Flexible use in portrait or landscape format

The interactive flipchart, now in your conference room at Schloss Burgellern!

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From now on you can quickly and easily establish a wireless connection to our beamers and digital presentation devices.

Mirror your content on one or more screens and optimize the exchange of information during your meetings.

Your advantages:

  • Supports Windows, Mac OS X and Linux
  • Presentations via Airplay
  • App for presentations on the go
  • Plays content in HD quality
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