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Princely enjoyment in a historic ambience

There is something very special about enjoying regional and sustainable cuisine on a culinary vacation in Franconia. It's like traveling back in time to a simpler era when high-quality ingredients and authentic flavors were paramount. Our experienced chef Leonhard Strömsdörfer takes great care to create dishes that are both delicious and true to their origins, using only the freshest and most natural ingredients available. If you are looking for a taste of the past, a stay at our sustainable hotel and a visit to our restaurant is a must.

Table reservation

Please reserve your table in our restaurant online. Via our online reservation you will receive an up-to-date overview of the available seats on the terrace or in the restaurant.

In case of changeable weather we can unfortunately not guarantee a place in the restaurant for guests who do not stay in our hotel.

 Phone: 09542 555 999 0 - (you can reach us from 7:00 to 18:00)


The table will be held for you up to 15 minutes after your reservation time. Please call us if you are more than 15 minutes late.

We may contact you regarding this reservation. Therefore, please check that the email address and telephone number you have provided are up to date. 

The table is reserved for you for 2 hours. Please contact us directly by e-mail for special requests or allergies.


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Children welcome!

Children are our most important guests! In addition to our own children's menu - even with a children's menu - we have children's chairs in various sizes, a changing room with changing eggs and, of course, a playground in the large castle park.
Children get their own children's cutlery, children's crockery and also toys, colouring books or patience games. And if something goes wrong this is not a broken leg!

An oasis for vegan food

Already for many years vegan food is not a foreign word for us. In addition to classic vegan dishes, we also offer vegan menus up to a 7-course menu.

Gluten free dishes

It is often difficult for allergy sufferers to eat out in restaurants. We have completely revised our menu and also offer dishes for gluten allergy sufferers that they can eat without worry. It is important to us that we offer not only individual components of a dish gluten-free, but a complete dish.

Non-alcoholic wine accompaniment

Until now, alcohol played the biggest role in gastronomy. Menus with wine accompaniment, beer tastings and much more.
With numerous new products, such as non-alcoholic sparkling wines, wines and beers, we also want to create lasting experiences for restaurant guests who do not want alcohol.