In 2019, the restaurant will be alcohol-free!

So far, alcohol has played the biggest role in gastronomy. Menus with wine accompaniment, beer tastings and much more. But we find that this is not a restaurant experience for the anti-alcoholic or for a car driver.
With two new suppliers and numerous new products we would like to create lasting experiences for the restaurant guest who does not want alcohol.

Manufactory Jörg Geiger

With the non-alcoholic Seccos and non-alcoholic still menu companions, we can finally offer our menus with a non-alcoholic beverage accompaniment.
The non-alcoholic Seccos are in no way inferior to a traditional sparkling wine or Secco and whet the appetite for more.


Lemonaid+ and Charitea

Lemonaid just made the headlines because the drink could not be called lemonade because the sugar content was too low.
Nevertheless, the authorities allowed it, and so our guests can enjoy a trendy "big city lemonade", fairly traded, regionally produced, with organic ingredients and without additives.

In addition, we also have four different types of iced tea which are sweetened only with agave syrup or honey.

Wonderfully refreshing and with every bottle sold, social projects are supported - drinking helps!