Qi Gong in the castle park

Experience the world of Qi Gong in the picturesque castle park of Hotel Schloss Burgellern.

Every Saturday at 16:00 you will experience a harmonious time-out on the idyllic castle meadow, accompanied by Qi Gong trainer Richard Goppert. Surrounded by natural scenery, the course offers a unique opportunity to bring body and mind into harmony.

Experienced teacher Richard Goppert guides participants through gentle movements and meditative techniques. The focus is on calming the mind, reducing stress and increasing general well-being.

The castle meadow becomes a place of inner peace while you experience the healing power of Qi Gong in the open air.

The special feature: Registration is not required. Everyone, regardless of previous experience or age, hotel guest or local, is welcome to indulge in Qi Gong. Discover the transformative effect of this traditional practice and experience how the Schlosswiese becomes a place of regeneration. Come along and let Richard Goppert accompany you on this journey to inner serenity - a weekend ritual that revitalizes body and soul.

60 minutes 12 €

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