At a meeting in Burgellern Castle, colleagues or cooperation partners meet and exchange ideas about future strategies or plan new work processes. Our interactive displays are the perfect complement here, allowing presentations, photos or films to be easily displayed and worked on together.

Sufficient power connections and fast internet are available for perfect cooperation.

With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can bring external staff or trainers into your group via video.

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Equipment and equipment

  • - Daylight-flooded conference room
  • Seating Parliamentary or U-shape/block
  • Hybrid conference technology *)
  • Classic conference equipment **)
  • Briefing on conference technology before the start of the conference
  • Optional
    - Conference office for printouts, copies, scans
  • - Welcome counter for arriving guests


  • - Welcome coffee with pretzel breakfast
  • - Fresh conference drinks in the conference room
  • - Coffee break in the morning with fingerfruits, sweet and savoury snacks, coffee and tea specialities
  • - Lunch menu (2 to 5 courses), plus non-alcoholic drinks, coffee or tea
  • - Coffee break in the afternoon with cakes and savoury snacks, coffee and tea specialities
  • - Fresh conference drinks in the conference room
  • - Evening menu (3 to 5 courses), beverages optional on request

Suitable meeting rooms

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Good to know ...

We cook fresh and only with the best ingredients.
During your stay you will eat well-balanced menus, also vegetarian or vegan on request. You can end the evening in a cosy atmosphere in the restaurant or in our bar. 

At the end of a conference, our genuine Wiener Schnitzel or burgers are a must. For those in a hurry to leave, there are also tasty lunch bags to take away.

Room types available for booking

*) What is Hybrid Meeting Technology?  

For us, hybrid days means ...  

... that you don't have to worry about the technology.  

... free WLAN with up to 250 MBit/s  

... the beamer has had its day and is replaced by an interactive display.  

... the projection onto the screen takes place without cables. No cables - No problems  

... bring your own notebook or use the available technology.  

... draw and paint as you like on the screen and save the results on your USB stick.  

... Professional telephone and video conferencing technology included, can be used spontaneously and is child's play to operate.  

... as an alternative to a notebook, any PowerPoint presentation can be run on our displays via a USB stick.  

... together with your conference leader, we set up the technology in good time before the conference and explain how to use it.  

... video technology immediately compatible with Webex, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Zoom, GoToMeeting  

... wireless presentation compatible with Windows, Apple, Unix, Android Phone, Android Tablet, Apple iPhone and Apple iPad.

What does the technology I bring with me have to be able to do?

Even though we have numerous adapters and also our own notebooks, the technology you bring with you should have a few standards.


- HDMI connection
- Wifi 2.4 or 5 GHz
- USB connection, ideally USB-C

- Microsoft Windows at least version 10. For the use of wireless presentation technology, you should be allowed to install the Clickshare app on the notebook and this should be able to access USB.

Notebook (Air or Pro) All computers still supplied with updates by Apple are supported.
A USB connection or HDMI is required to use the wireless presentation technology. Apple iPhone or iPad If you can install the Clickshare app, your mobile phone or tablet will automatically support our presentation technology.

Alternatively, you can copy your PowerPoint presentation or PDF files to a USB stick and connect them directly to our screens.

**) <strong style="border-color: #ebebeb;">Was ist klassische Tagungsausstattung?</strong>

The classic conference equipment includes a flipchart, two pin boards and a well-equipped moderator's case.

With prudence and caution through the Covid-19 pandemic

For their and our safety we provide fresh and clean air.
There is a hygiene and ventilation concept for the Hotel Schloss Burgellern.
For example, meeting rooms are ventilated for at least 20 minutes before, during and after the meeting.
In addition, all conference rooms are equipped with a sufficiently dimensioned air filter with HEPA filter.
This filters up to 99% of viruses and bacteria from the room air.
In addition to the existing distance and hygiene rules, this is a voluntary contribution to their and our health.