Fasting in a historical ambience
Hiking & Wellness in the heart of Upper Franconia

New at Burgellern Castle from January 2024

Fasting weeks Buchinger fasting, alkaline fasting and gourmet alkaline fasting

Start with the health advisor and fasting leader Melanie Pethke into a conscious and healthy new year. 
In addition to the more classic Buchinger fasting and base fasting, we also exclusively offer gourmet fasting in our region. 

January 14 2024 - January 20 2024

Historic fasting,
Hiking & Wellness

with fasting form of your choice:
Buchinger or alkaline fasting

26 February 2024 - 3 March 2024

Gourmet fasting & pleasure hiking

with fasting form :
Gourmet Base Fasting

November 3 2024 - November 9 2024

Fasting Hiking,
Relaxation & Wellness

with fasting form of your choice:
Buchinger or alkaline fasting


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Seminars / Consulting

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Early morning sport

Alkaline Interval Fasting or Buchinger Fasting

During this fasting week, the type of fasting is tailored to the needs of the guests. You can comfortably choose between alkaline interval fasting or Buchinger fasting. If required, you are welcome to consult Mrs. Pethke regarding the suitable fasting form.

Alkaline Interval Fasting is the mild form of fasting. In this fasting variant, you only eat alkaline foods according to the 16:8 interval fasting method. Every day there are light and delicious meals within 8 hours, which have a purifying, detoxifying and deacidifying effect.

It represents a valuable alternative to the classical (cure) fasting after Buchinger for all those for whom a stringent renunciation of solid food is out of the question intentionally or unintentionally.

Gourmet Base Fasting

You want to eat your fill without a guilty conscience and at the same time do something fundamental for your health? After all, it is known that healthy nutrition is a crucial basis for a solid well-being.

But is feasting and health even possible?

Mrs. Pethke will show you in this special seminar and our kitchen will spoil you with healthy and selected products and dishes.

Based on the Alkaline Interval Fasting, you benefit from a richer product range and reach your desired weight with pleasure - with an alkaline diet according to Peace Food.

Dogs are allowed

Cozy rooms

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Great environment

Lent weeks at Burgellern Castle

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