Slow, flowing and intensive massage to recharge your batteries and relax with a warm oil of your choice.

40 min - 48 €
60 min. - 70 €


Your back is the focus of this treatment. Pain relief and the release of tension is our concern.

30 min - 36 €

Classical Massage

Sporty and lively massage based on our experience and profound knowledge of anatomy.

Partial body 30 min. - €36
Full body 50 min. - €60

Hot Stone Massage

Detoxifying and purifying massage with hot stones. The warmth of the stones relieves tension and contributes to deep relaxation and well-being.

Partial body 30 min. - €36
Full body 60 min. - €70
for connoisseurs 90 min. - 100 €

desired massage

Your wish is our command.
Choose the form of massage for your personal wellness time.

each 1 min. 1,20 € (from 30 minutes)

foot reflex massage

Points of the foot are connected with internal organs. Self-healing processes are initiated by targeted pressure point technology.

40 min - 48 €


A Hawaiian massage ritual with warm oil and rhythmic, synchronous movements with forearm, elbow and hands.

60 min. - 70 €
90 min - 100 €
120 min. - € 130


A detoxifying massage with the use of cupping glasses.

30 min - 34 €
60 min - 62 €

honey massage

The wound-healing, anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties of our castle's own honey are used here with a special technique. This dissolves adhesions and flushes out slag.

45 min - 53€

Breuss massage

In this gentle massage technique, St. John's wort oil is worked into the body by stretching, pressing and stroking. The power of the plant regenerates and the nervous system benefits

40 min - 48 €

pregnancy massage

Soothing relaxation for a body in a state of emergency: In a pleasant lateral position you will experience a gentle relaxation of your strained muscles on your back and neck and enjoy the relaxing effect of the caresses for yourself and your child.

30 min - 35 €
60 min - 65 €


After an assessment of the findings, blockages in the spine are released using a special technique.

60 min. - 70 €

Stamp massage

Enjoy and relax with this new kind of massage with permanently steamed stamps of your choice under constant temperature. This is a benefit for the lymphatic system, muscles and intervertebral discs.

60 min. - €72