I dreamed under trees

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Welcome to the castle

In 2019 the restaurant will be non-alcoholic!

So far, alcohol has played the biggest role in gastronomy. Menus with wine accompaniment, beer tastings and much more. But we find that this is not a restaurant experience for the anti-alcoholic or for a car driver. With two new suppliers...

Adé dear Frau Horn!

Dear friends of Burgellern Castle! At some point you have to say goodbye. On 31.12.2018 we unfortunately had to say goodbye to our "good soul" in the restaurant. After long years of work she is now going into the well-deserved...
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Get your vouchers for Christmas now!

Take advantage of the benefits of our voucher shop on our website even during Christmas stress. Choose a gift for your loved ones around the clock and download the voucher immediately. In the last days before Christmas...

500 Euro for the star moments of the trainees of Schloss Burgellern

Burgellern, 9.12.2018 Overwhelming success of the apprentice tombola At this year's Christmas market at Burgellern Castle, the proceeds of a tombola organized by our trainees and the training manager Carola Müller were donated to the...