Franconian classics that one should know and be able to know.


An Gudn", one wishes in Franconia, when on Sunday the Schäuferla with dumpling steams in front of one. But the grandmother who just served it to you is probably the last one in the Franconian family who still knows how to make real Franconian dumplings. Although the Franks

Dumpling hot love, (so much that they would do for it even without the supplement "If iech Glees on the plate has, I need kaa meat", so they say) has also in the Frankish refrigerated shelves the finished dumpling dough entry. But most people still remember what it was like with the potatoes and the Säckla: Joachim Kastner, lord of the castle at Burgellern in Upper Franconia's Scheßlitz, for example, still knows exactly what happened:

"After going to church, we children were assigned to make dumplings in the kitchen. My big brother let the potatoes through the food processor while I fried the bröggala in butter in the bröggalatöbfla. Then the grated potatoes were squeezed out with the dumpling bag to roll the dumplings."

She cooked most of the time the mother. Everything must be exactly right when cooking: The water must not boil anymore, but it should be hot enough for the dumplings to draw properly. The Kastners had dumplings almost every weekend! No wonder that Joachim has mastered making dumplings almost in his sleep.
And since the hotel guests from all over the world love to eat his dumplings so much on Burgellern, he thought to himself, because I would simply show them how to make them at home. And so he offers dumpling courses in the moated castle of his castle park.

Starting with rubbing the potatoes, roasting the bröggala, and ending with rolling the dumpling. You will also learn what is really going on with the
Bröggala (dried bread or bread cubes) or the Klößsackla (small linen bag). After the work is done, the food is served together. A Schäuferla and Bamberger Wirsing round off the Franconian ensemble and for the "Doascht" there is a self-drawn Franconian beer.

Now it's about the sausage - about the Franconian bratwurst

While the dumpling plays the leading role in the Franconian Sunday and holiday family meal, the bratwurst is from the weekly snack program.
I can't imagine life without it. But bratwurst is not just bratwurst. There are fried sausages that are no longer than a finger and there are specimens that are a whole meter long. There are also subtle differences in the spice mixture and the inner life in every region and this in the truest sense of the word. Because sometimes it's made of finely chopped meat and sometimes of coarse. In Burgellern Castle, a few traditional bratwurst dishes have been reinterpreted, and even a
vegetarian version of the snack classic.
In the bratwurst course the participants learn under professional guidance how the Franconian bratwurst is made - from raw meat to the ready grilled sausage, which can be tasted in the Weckla with mustard, horseradish or on the plate with sauerkraut and bread.