Why not plant a ski hut in the lowlands? The brothers Joachim and Ulrich Kastner, owners of the Hotel Schloss Burgellern, thought the same.

After a long period of vacancy, we transformed our former beer bar in the Schlosspark into a small ski hut in autumn and winter 2016. Very cosy and original down to the last detail. Our Bräustüberl offers space for up to 16 people and is perfect for the cosy end of a day with freshly tapped beer, crackling fire and a hearty meal.

In addition to a simple hearty get-together with drinks and snacks, we also offer whole evening creations with original French or Swiss cheese fondue (of course homemade), snack boards with smoked ham, farmer's breakfast or cheese spaetzle from the large pan, duck or roast from the oven with delicious Franconian dumplings.

The tasty food will of course be accompanied by tasty wines, schnapps and our Burgellerer Schlossbräu!

In addition, the Bierstüberl is our venue for our barbecue courses, beer tastings, wine tastings and brewing courses - learn how to make your own beer!


Contact us directly:

Phone: 09542/555 999 0

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